BK Mikro®

Reliable Tool Monitoring

Tool Breakage? Clamping Error? Misfeed? BK Mikro® stands for the absolutely safe monitoring of work processes in industrial production processes. This monitoring is achieved by means of intelligent sensor system solutions based on sound technological knowledge and industry-specific application experience. Precision and quality are the basis of a maximum degree of constant safety - Made in Germany.

The system consists of a control unit for top-rail mounting and a tactile sensor, which is precisely matched to the respective process situation. The presence, correct position and freedom from breakage of the tool are identified, and the slightest deviations from the defined target state are quickly detected. If an error occurs, the immediate machine stop can be initiated to avoid further damage or faulty production.


Process Monitoring through Precise Tool Control

40 years BK Mikro®

A small product, but a giant leap in terms of process safety. Starting in 1980 with the first electrical system for drill control, the sensor systems of BK Mikro® are now globally established in machine building resp. the machining industry.

Meanwhile, it is no longer “just” about tool resp. tool breakage monitoring. The preventive use of BK Mikro® is part of the condition monitoring to keep an eye on all major technical parameters of a machine and supports predictive maintenance. Today more than ever, production reliability resp. traceability are decisive factors for safe and efficient production processes.

Wherever highest precision is required, BK Mikro® fulfils its task with diligence: Monitoring tools, checking objects, detecting positions, measuring hidden geometries, checking contours/profiles.

1980: Introduction of BK Mikro®

Leukhardt Systems presents its solution for monitoring tools in the machine. The first product is also the first electrically driven system.

1990: BK Mikro® goes international

The 1st distributor in the USA sells the products.

1994: The first system with right-left scanning

BK Mikro5 becomes patented. The system enables the monitoring of two precisely detected scanning positions (clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation of the scanning wand and automatic detection of the rest position).


2000: Profibus connection and pointed scanning

The scanning plate of BK Mikro8 now enables scanning axially to the point of a tool.

2006: BK Mikro® builds up its own distribution network

thus lays the foundation stone for global expansion.

2007: Beginning of the modular BK Mikro®

Different sensors can be combined with different control units.

2014: New sensors scan tools from 0,1mm

With TK7 and TK96 particularly fine rotating tools can be tested


2020: 40 years & 150.000 sensor systems worldwide

BK Mikro® is successful with a global sales and service network.

The BK Mikro Products

The system gains the high degree of flexibility and adaptability through its components.

Compact with great performance.

The control units

The control units of BK Mikro® are a class of their own: compact design, strong functionality and well equipped with interfaces for the integrated network - plus extremely flexible when it comes to subsequent system adjustments.

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For every application.

The sensors

A great variety of monitoring tasks and applications require special designs. Sensors of BK Mikro® feature a very robust design and are absolutely tight against aggressive cooling media and chips. For a variety of restrictions a wide selection of equipment, wands and sensors in different sizes is available.

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Flexible adaption.

The equipment

In order to ideally meet the requirements of monitoring functions BK Mikro® offers a comprehensive assortment of accessories and spare parts. In this way the system can be attuned to a variety of tasks and highly difficult operational environments.

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Proven solutions.

Further systems

Apart from the new system BK Mikro® we still offer the older generations of the BK-Mikro systems.

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All safely under control.

Manifold applications.

Our tool monitoring systems ensure higher safety and reliability in automated production processes in more than 150,000 installations worldwide.

BK Mikro® offers the suitable solution for all production processes.

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Flexible system.

The needle moved by the probe scans object positions in the machine cycle. A control unit with microcomputer triggers the needle movement. The result provided by the probe is compared with the parameters defined in the control unit. This results in a signal which is transferred to the machine control.

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