The Compact Industrial Box PC with High Connectivity

Minimum size, maximum performance

Due to digital networking not only individual production steps but the complete value creation chain can be revolutionized. If only little computing power is required, e.g. to be able to read out, save and distribute machine data, realize simple visualization and control tasks or for remote maintenance, the space available is usually strictly limited.

The Prime Box Pico is one of the smallest industrial box PCs. Thanks to its very compact design it fits in with the smallest gap of the control cabinet and at the same time convinces by its high connectivity.

As an economic, slim solution with efficient edge computing options the box is perfectly suited for the IoT environment. It is part of the new modular system of Prime Cube®.


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Wireless Connectivity

for different industrial applications

Depending on requirements the connectivity can be enhanced by WLAN, LTE or other radio extensions.

Furthermore, with the optional CAN-bus extension a robust, fast and simple fieldbus is available that is increasingly used for the solution of small and cost-sensitive applications in machine-building. In this way, additional components can be integrated easily and flexibly.




Operating System, BIOS, Edge Computing and More

Individual Software Solutions for your Requirements

Based on an efficient platform of the atom-class the Prime Box Pico is applicable with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise or Linux operating systems.
The software system includes numerous configuration and extension options. Our development experts configure individual edge computing concepts on demand.
Virtualization tools such as a real-time hypervisor allow to integrate existing remote maintenance solutions and to operate parallel docker-based applications.
If the functional scope of the compact Prime Box Pico is not sufficient it can be extended in a modular way via the expansion interface.


Optimum Usability

Manifold Mounting Options and Service Friendliness

Modern product design sticks to the rule “form follows function”: precise shapes, a clear housing structure and an appearance of lightness focus on both user-friendliness and efficient working.
  • Size: 44 mm x 170 mm x 92 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 1.15 kg
  • Stable aluminium housing
  • Mounting options: 35 mm top-rail, wall mounting by L-bracket or tabletop operation in vertical or horizontal position
  • Front access: All interfaces on one wiring level are aligned towards the front, uncovered and thus easily accessible
  • Service-optimized: All components are easy to reach
  • Quick battery replacement thanks to convenient slide solution

Robust system design, passive cooling

For optimum operation and longevity

The robust system architecture of the Prime Box Pico excels by its efficient platform (atom-class), a fanless CPU and system cooling and the EMC-compliant design. The mechanically stable aluminium housing ensures particular longevity even in challenging environments. The box is optimized for operation at ambient temperatures of -10° C to +50° C.


Secure and reliable:

  • Validated platforms ensure a low performance risk.
  • Industrial Components for 24/7 Operation
  • The tested EMC-immunity prevents voltage fluctuations and ensures constant operation.
  • We advise our customers in the system selection process so that you get the most out of our many years of development experience.


“The passive cooling of the Prime Box Pico works very well even in ‘difficult’ environments such as direct sunlight. All in all, the housing makes a very robust and valuable impression!”

A customer

Industry Machine Building, Food & Beverage

Modular System

Customized solutions of industrial computer technology

with all advantages of standard products

If a higher performance class is required for the editing and processing of complex data the modular system allows to configure high-end box PCs for industrial requirements.

The modular system was developed in 2019 on occasion of the 10th anniversary of the product brand Prime Cube®. Customers can assemble the suitable computer system from defined modules and are advised during the whole system selection process. PC-based HMI and web panels for the visualization of industrial applications and the portfolio of box PCs are complemented by IIoT concepts, software and service features.


Your benefits:

  1. Numerous individualization options are available in the configuration steps Base, Style and Custom.
  2. Selected pre-configured platforms for different applications accelerate the development process compared to completely customized developments.
  3. Shorter time-to-market and an optimized price-performance ratio.


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