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Prime Cube

Technology must inspire and convince.

Prime Cube® stands for intelligent solutions in the areas of operating, visualising, monitoring and controlling. When developing our modular and highly flexible industrial PCs, panel products and devices and the manifold HMI applications and embedded computing solutions we always focus on the optimum user experience.

For 10 years now our customers have placed trust in the high-quality Prime Cube® products and in the development competence with respect to customised solutions - from robust systems for machine-building and different industrial fields up to reliable IP69-applications.

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Modularity is prime.

As a system provider with high development competence and several years of experience we have developed a modular system for the configuration of optimum solutions for different applications.

The idea:

Customized solutions with all advantages of standard products:

  • with validated components for 24/7 operation in an industrial environment
  • suitable for industrial use, reliable and robust
  • quick adaptation to your individual wishes
  • long-term available (10 years) in form, fit and function


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Prime Panel

The PC-based HMI and web panels for the visualisation of industrial applications can be realised as installation and attachment parts.

All products comply with protection class IP65 circumferential, are verified for 24/7 operation and can be controlled in a sturdy EMC environment. Due to the passive cooling the systems only develop a low background noise. Embedded processors increase the lifetime.

  • all platforms are flexibly extendable.
  • a selection of display sizes offers the right solution for different demands.
  • extension options, e.g. in terms of connectivity, increase the usability.


  • aluminium housing for optimum stability
  • installation and attachment variants
  • low width and depth
  • user-oriented device design
  • IP65-protected all around

Front end

  • displays in industry standard, angle stability, light and flush with frame
  • diagonals from 10.1” to 24”
  • hardened, antireflective glass fronts
  • PCAP multitouch
  • EMC stable touch parametrisation inhouse
  • operating temperature -10°C to +50°C

Back end / computer platforms

  • configurable back end (web panel, terminal, IPC)
  • entry (ARM) up to high level performance (x86)
  • selected spectrum of CPUs and performance classes
  • passively cooled systems
  • computer formats: 2,5" / pico-ITX / Mini-ITX
  • installation: VESA connection possible


  • comprehensive & extendable connectivity
  • continuously growing range of accessories

Prime Panel IP69

For use in hygienic areas, in contact with food, in food-related or chemical environments.

  • robust IP69 design
  • industry display with multitouch and splinter protection
  • food-safe and resistant to cleaning agents


  • stainless steel / plastic housing
  • robust IP69 design acc. DIN EN 60529
  • food-safe and resistant to cleaning agents

Front end

  • diagonals: 13.3" / 15.6" / 21.5"
  • displays in industry standard, flush with frame
  • hardened, antireflective glass fronts
  • splinter protection
  • EMC stable touch parametrisation

Back end / computer platforms

  • configurable back end (web panel, terminal, IPC)
  • entry (ARM) up to high level performance (x86)
  • selected spectrum of CPUs and performance classes
  • flexible connection to industrial support arm systems
  • installation: VESA connection possible


  • comprehensive & extendable connectivity
  • continuously growing range of accessories

Prime Box

From highly compact top-hat rail box PC with lean calculating power (“minimum size - maximum performance”) to full-featured, robust and long-lived high performance box IPC. With Prime Extend a terminal can be installed at a distance of up to 100m from the box PC.

  • needs-based designs
  • flexible configuration
  • user-friendly design

Prime Box Pico

  • one of the smallest Box PCs in an industrial environment
  • board: Pico-ITX
  • processors: ARM, x86
  • connectivity options in smallest space (WiFi, LTE, CAN)
  • edge gateway communication in third-party networks

Prime Box

  • highly performant for the editing and processing of complex data
  • boards: 3,5" and Mini-ITX
  • processors: Intel and AMD
  • surge & burst protection
  • individual configuration


  • size-optimised, lean design
  • interfaces and connections at the front, uncovered
  • battery replacement system with easily accessible slide solution

Prime Extend

  • stable solution for transmission of image and USB-data over 100m
  • with compact top-rail housing or fully integrated into the Box PC
  • latency-free transmission in FullHD
  • temperature range -10°C to +50°C

Prime Extend

Prime Extend is a stable solution for the transmission of video and USB data over 100m in modular mechanical and plant engineering.

  • latency-free transmission in Full-HD
  • with compact top-rail housing or fully-integrated in the Box-PC
  • TX: "Plug & Play" - easy integration into existing infrastructure
  • power supply: 5V, 12V, 24V
  • RX: integrated in Prime Panel or also availabe as OEM-Modul
  • temperature range -20°C bis +50°C

Prime IIOT

The GS.GATE is an extendable, configurable edge server with integrated IIoT gateway function, embedded into the security-solution from Genua, a renowned security expert.

The solution can be connected to machines independent of the manufacturer and offers a high protection level at the critical interface between machine and external network. By means of the secure separation docker applications are run by the customer in one part while firewall and remote access components in the other part take care of the secure remote maintenance access.


The solutions are configured based on Windows or Linux. Customised software configurations, images and the integration of third-party software solutions such as web visualisation, Scada-systems or soft-SPS are possible. Application-oriented software solutions can be realised on request.

Service & consulting

We oversee and accompany the complete project process, the product life-cycle and beyond.

On your request a team of experts support the project planning, the requirement management, the development of specifications, the system design and the third-party integration. After development and manufacturing the range of services is rounded off by quality and safety checks up to the product certification.



  • selection of available standard components and established configurations
  • quick offer preparation and availability
  • no development effort


  • customer-specific adaptations according to corporate design: color of ident, logo printed in front panel
  • additional components such as memory, interfaces or extension cards
  • optical full bonding optional
  • individual software integration


  • development of a completely customised system solution
  • panel sizes from 7” to 32” available
  • protection class IP69K optional

Superior Product Design

Form follows function

The design was developed in cooperation with the renowned agency Ottenwälder und Ottenwälder. Highly precise form elements with elegant edge design build up from the narrow front frame to the technoid cooling elements of the computer cores. This layer build-up allows for clearly divided housing structures with visual lightness and professional appeal. The reduced form language is highlighted by an ident in form of a small blue square at the side of the front frame, the Prime Cube.

Attention to detail enjoys high priority. Thus, the front panels of the panel PCs close bead-free and without surrounding gap level with the narrow front frame.

The design conveys the strength and sturdiness of the product concept and creates a high usability promise.



Mechanical Engineering

Tool and packaging machines

Our robust systems meet the strict requirements for highly productive, efficient and individually designed solutions. Decades of cooperation with renowned manufacturers and our high development competence ensure we know what is at stake.


Food & Beverage

To be used wherever hygiene and reliability have top priority: As IP69-models the systems are perfectly protected against wetness and pollution, food-safe and resistant to cleaning agents.

Medical Engineering


Our team of experts develop fail-safe solutions with hygienic resp. medical design: With features such as safety by design, dirt-repellant surfaces and glove-controllable dual touch, disinfectable for a germ-free environment.


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Reduced to the best.

What we put special emphasis on.

High level of quality

Quality, innovation, and customer orientation are our guidelines.

Modular system

For customised solutions with all advantages of standard products.

User Experience

Optimised in terms of look, feel and usability.


“Form follows function” with distinctly technical purism.


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